Manufacturers of Quality Pet Snacks.

Pure, nutritious, straight from the lush green pastures of Lancashire. Increasingly consumers are actively seeking locally sourced foods.We already provide locally sourced products to our customers around the country and now into Europe.

Most of our products are 100% natural and are produced from quality british beef and pork. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of due diligence and traceability to insure the authenticity of this locally sourced range.

Over 85% of our produce is from local sources. We can adapt our pack sizes or flavour of our products within a range for our wholesale customers requirements. Call or email or sales team for further information click here to view our contact details.

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    Supplying wholesalers across the UK.

    We have a full fleet of wagons and they distribute our products around the country weekly, this enables us to supply products on demand, be more flexible and reliable.

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    Online Digital Brochure and PDF.

    If you are interested in ordering shipments then why not download our pdf brochure to print out or alternatively you can view our digital brochure online by cliking the link below.

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